Reimagine Faith Formation

Posted June 01, 2018 by in Events

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In September 2017, parishes received Bishop Caggiano’s Invitation to Lifelong Formation. This document outlined steps parishes can take to reimagine formation in their parishes and move towards a more comprehensive, ongoing approach.

More than twenty parishes are currently participating in the three workshops that offer support and resources for managing this process. The second cohort of parishes began June 6th and includes another 10 parishes.

Originally, we invited only those parishes who accepted the Bishop’s invitation in full to join these workshops. Now that we have hosted a few, the feedback we are receiving is that the material covered would be helpful to all parishes, even if only a few elements of faith formation are being reimagined at this time.

Our 21st century world presents faith communities and their leaders with significant challenges, but also new possibilities for creating dynamic formation. Join us as we reimagine faith formation together.

To join a cohort or to ask any questions, please email

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